Why I Never Go Back To An Ex

I never go back to an ex or any female who has ever dissed me. Why? Because I move on but I never forget. I never forget that they had a chance to potentially have a happy life with me but chose otherwise. No matter the reason behind their choice, the choice was still made. I hold them accountable for the choices they made as well. It gives me insight into the person they are and how they deal with difficult situations. Only through struggle is oneโ€™s true self shown. I never go back to and ex because the relationship will never be the same. You can let go and try to create something new with them but who they are still remains the same. People make mistakes because they didnโ€™t pay attention to what previously happened. So why go back when you know the outcome will only be the same, but you hope things will be different. Thatโ€™s the pure definition of insanity and hope is irrational. Ponder that!!