Ep. 31


On this episode I give an update on my spiritual journey, I talk about the “Woke” trend that is going on in sports, and I talk about some other stuff that I’ve already forgotten about lol. 

Is Drake Just A Scam Artist?


Ever since his first I’ve been a critic of Drake and his music. Obviously as a person I can’t attest to his character. But his music and his public actions can be criticized just like any and everyone who do things in a public manner, to include myself. Besides executives within the music industry have been known to manufacture artists and artists themselves doing whatever they need to do to survive and prosper in the music industry.

Thought of the Day

Remember when you were told that Wikipedia is not an accurate source? Or that if you used Wikipedia, you should check the links for the source of the information on that wiki page. Or that Wikipedia should not be trusted unless because anyone can alter the page….. Yet when you do a search on Google about something, a Wikipedia page is one of the first things you see… Pay attention 🤔🤷🏾‍♂️

Eminem – Public Enemy #1


Crazy coincidence that this song was on the Re-Up Album which came out after Encore and his single Mosh. Also a crazy coincidence that when this album release in December 2006 his friend prof died earlier that year in April. I remember being at my first Air Force bade in Guam and buying this album. I also remember hearing and reading about Eminem’s “accidental overdose” towards the end of December 2006 and early 2007. A search about this topic and articles state that he overdosed in 2007. Eminem also killed his Slim Shady persona on ‘When I’m Gone’ in December 2005. But I guess this is all just a crazy coincidence. The trade-offs people make for fortune and fame. I’m just pointing out the obvious and putting it in chronological order…..

Eminem- Mosh


I remember when this song and video came out. It was right before the presidential election. I remember that Eminem was investigated because of this song and other things by the Secret Service. His album Encore and his collaboration album that came out after has some interesting songs and lyrics. Eminem even talks about someone trying to kill him. I’ll upload the song once I find it.

Music To Be Murdered By Documentary


One of my favorite rappers, but I can’t deny the evidence. I started to like Eminem when I was a kid because I could relate to him in a sense that he was an outsider that didn’t fit in. That’s how I felt. I also had a temper when I was a kid even at an early age. So I related with that anger side and wanted to use poetry as a way to release that stress. Which on the surface Eminem could have done that too but he also allowed himself to give in to that negative energy and allow himself to be taken over. Something he often writes about in his song. What we thought we’re just metaphors were actually not. The blatant and obvious things that we ignore right in front of our face. “A lot of truth is said in jest”, a line Eminem rapped in ‘Say What You Say’. That’s why I never put too much emotions and connections into celebrities because at the end of the day, we don’t actually know these people. You can like something a person does without actually liking who they are as a total person. Not everything is black and white or absolute.