Ep. 71 – Recap of the Inauguration Ceremony


Did you notice all the small details that were on display during the Inauguration Ceremony and the ‘Celebrating America’ tv show. 

Ep. 68 – MLK Day Origins and Possible Declassification of a Government Document


Martin Luther King, Jr. is remembered for his contributions to the America on this day. But did you know the other side of MLK or about the civil lawsuit that his family filed in Memphis?…. A possible document that may have been recently declassified is on the Internet and the contents of the document is alarming. I hope that it is fake. 

Memphis Jury Sees Conspiracy in Martin Luther King’s Killing – The New York Times

Memphis jury in civil suit brought by Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr’s family finds Lloyd Jowers and others, including governmental agencies, took part in conspiracy in King’s 1968 killing; decision means jury does not believe James Earl Ray, convicted of crime, fired fatal shot; jury awards $100 in damages, amount family sought; Dexter King hails verdict; William Pepper, who had been Ray’s lawyer, represented King family (M)
— Read on www.nytimes.com/1999/12/09/us/memphis-jury-sees-conspiracy-in-martin-luther-king-s-killing.html