Stories the Media Failed to Report This Week


And So the Distractions Continue….

Gay pride, church shootings, race war….. Oh the distractions are strong right now. They are really putting forth all effort to hide the real issues. They want you to believe a young kid just went crazy and killed everyone. Have you never heard of MK Ultra?

Yea! Everyone can finally marry. Even though a union between two people should and can only be define by those two or more individuals. Stop believing that the government has power over our lives. We the people do! Wait I think I have heard that phase before, hmmmm? It was written on one of those old papers I read in school. One of the few things I remember. 

Meanwhile the old confederate states defend their flag. Good for them. It is apart of history. What does it represent? The confederacy, duh! Is it racist? Prolly, but wasn’t everything back then lol. 

The point is there’s a lot of talk about meaningless issues. I do not want to offend anyone but once you think about these topics you begin to realize that we are discussing things that are irrelevant. 

Marriage shouldn’t be a law. Hell you can marry a cow and it wouldn’t bother me. Mass killing shooters all are on antidepressants and under mind control (notice the consistent dazed looked, easy apprehension, and manifesto), and a flag is exactly what it is……. A flag! It stands for whatever you want it to stand for.

All these topics create a distraction the powers of the worl want you to focus on instead of the real change happening behind the scenes. It’s a simple war tactic as well, divide and conquer. 

Support Gay Marriage!

Everyone should have the opportunity to receive tax breaks, benefits, and everything else that comes with a marriage license. Whether it be positive or negative. Lol, it’s all legality and business. Why not get rid of the idea of marriage anyways. Before the early 20th century it was never a law. It was only recognized be a person’s religious preference. In my opinion it’s all just another law that they can use to tax and register citizens… Oh and by the way they are still not talking about the Trans Pacific Partnership!! Wake up!!!!