Another Sad Love Story ğŸ˜’

Ever since she left I wonder does she think I wept.  I didn’t cry this time.  I was relived that I was free from the stress.  I gave it my all, I did my best.  I carried this relationship for so long that the release of the pressure is the greatest gift she can give.  I’m ready to let go.  I’m ready to move on.  I’ll continue to have hope that I won’t die alone.  Even so when my body does go if I am not with anyone, then fuck it……  I’m still the greatest person I know.  So in truth, I’m ok with being alone.  No companion needed, my personal space should have a ‘No Fly Zone’.  My energy tank of love has been depleted.  Will I ever feel loved again?  There’s still a lot more time until my story is completed.  I loved you but I can’t no more.  She left, so I’m done.  Now it’s time to shut this door, forever!

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