Blissfully Ignorant Americans

Today I had a conversation with someone about conspiracy theories. I told him I believe in them and I provided some evidence to support my reasoning.  He replied, “You’re crazy.”.  He told me he doesn’t believe that the government could pull off something like 9/11 and the country not know about it.  He doesn’t think our government would do that to us.  At that point I realized how willfully ignorant we American citizens are towards the incidents in history and our government.  Whether you believe in conspiracies theories or not is understandable but don’t think for one second that the people who run the country care about us.  The same people who will drop a bomb on civilians in a third world country and kill them inordered to eliminate three targets, do not care about us.  If you still think that I am just crazy then go research Operation Northwoods.  A proposed false flag attack originating within the DOD that, thankfully, was stopped by President Kennedy’s administration.  Interesting that later Kennedy would be assassinated as well…… 

Another example of the government lying to us is the Gulf of Tonkin.  An incident that took place in 1964 and was used to gain support for the Vietnam War.  In the past decade documents were declassified and the truth was released.  We learned that the incident never took place.  Something interesting to note too is a lot of commercially purchased items are made in Southeast Asia as well……..

Those are just two examples of the government lying to us and sacrificing American lives to attain their own agendas.  But you need to understand that these people are not evil nor do they hate us.  Yes, some do view us as lower human beings.  But when they view the world and the bigger picture they operate in a pure logical and rational manner.  They make decisions based on their own reasonings and what they believe will be best for the improvement and sustainability of mankind.  So these people are not evil, crazy, or hateful………  They just lack empathy.



Poem of the Day:  …….. (Dig)

Deep, it goes so deep.  The emotions I put them away and now I can’t even weep.  I haven’t shed a tear.  Are you surprised to hear?  That after what you did, I barely even care.  The emotions I took them, placed them in a bag.  With a draw string tie and then threw them in the trash.  There’s no changing the past so don’t regret your mistake.  You made the choice that you wanted to make, and you sacrificed our family just to have things go your way.  I don’t know how we got here, standing at the cross roads again.  Everyone has a comment but honestly they don’t know shit.  Only me, you, and the kids know what it really is.  Everybody else just provided their two cents.  If it looks crazy from the outside, that’s because it is crazy on the inside.  I didn’t sign up for this crazy ride.  But just like a roller coaster the strap buckle has been pulled down.  I’m stuck, so this is my life now, until I die.  It’s hard to believe that I don’t even miss you but that has to be a lie since I keep having these sniffles.  Or maybe it’s just allergies.  It’s sad too see something potentially beautiful be ruin by ones own greed.  It’s not a Disney movie so there is no perfect ending.  We keep running in circles until the lesson is learned.  Then and only then can we achieved what you long yearned for.  

Quote of the Day:

Sometimes you are forced into a situation that you have no control over.  Dispite your best efforts to make sure it did not happen, you can still find yourself at a loss.  In the end, all you can do is find a way to cope and adjust your attitude towards the situation…..  Then have faith it will work itself out.