Poem of the Day:  For My Mother

I’m your baby boy, your only son.  You’ve been there since day one and will be there for all the things to come.  You picked me up when I was hurt and depressed.  You told me how to clean up my life from the mess.  You showed me how to handle all of the stress.  I guess I learned from the best.  You are my mentor, my guiding light, my spiritual guide.  The person I look to when there is pain and strife in my life.  I’m wondering sometimes, if without you would I even survive.  But you taught me how to be strong through the toughest times.  I am who I am and I’m just like you, we share the same mind.  I have yet to find another woman who can even compare to my mother.  No one is better, shit, they shouldn’t even bother.  You’re the rock of the family.  The glue that holds us all together.  You have weathered through the storms and I have never seen you break a sweat.  Never seen you shed a tear.  You always have a plan and live your life with no fear.  You’re a throwback to the classic strong black woman.  They don’t make them like they use to.  You inspire and push me to always be a good human being.  To take care of my children first and put aside my feelings.  You tell me to do what is best, to do what is right.  To fight the things that are wrong and you gave me the ability to have foresight.  Told me how to treat women even though the nice guy doesn’t get replies.  When I faced rejection you sat and listen to me cry.  I knew it hurt you to see your son dying inside.  But you didn’t judge what she did and you took care of my kids.  I love you to death and beyond the life after it.  They say no one is perfect, well I’m calling them on their bullshit, because I have the perfect mother.  Allow me to introduce you to Mrs. Debra Jackson.  I LOVE YOU MOM!

Published by Damien Jackson

A free thinker who is aware of what goes on in the world.

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