Poem of the Day:  Off The Top

Late nights spent swiping left or right in hopes of finding a match.  Even though I hate that stupid app. I hate dating, I dislike my ex, I’m wondering does any of this have any meaning yet.  Is this shit a test?  How can I pass?  Is there a reward at the end or is it all just a laugh?  I wonder is my life an amusement because when I look back on the past, it’s hard not to see the humor in it.  Some things got out of hand.  Bring it back to the present asking myself why did we even match if your not going to respond back.  And this small talk is dumb there’s no depth to anyone any more.  A generation of boring individuals with no souls.  But talk about the days of old like they have an understanding of what took place in decades ago.  Too busy trying to get followers or taking selfies trying to be a model.  Thinking they are going to be the next Internet sensation when they can’t even type a text without using the autocorrect function.  Narcissistic self absorb and self indulge society. No longer about the family, more concern about having someone extra on the side who can attend to some of your immediate needs.  As you go off to do your dirty deeds, you think not of the ones you hurt.  So your curse to walk this earth carrying the pain of the one you blame for ruining your life even though the person in the mirror is the reason why you have a hurt soul.  Your dreams have been crushed by the government and the lust you crave is all dried up.  The attention you seek is now hiding from you.  You peaked at life some time around high school.  You don’t have shit to show for your existence, nothing but some dumb Jordan signature shoes.  He’s glad you waited in line and spent your last dime to have the latest pair out.  The people of Southeast Indonesia appreciate your donation.  Thanks to this free market society you are helping children in third world countries be able to buy food and eat.  Your contribution to humanity has been outstanding now go vote for the presidential candidacy so we can continue this insanity.  

Published by Damien Jackson

A free thinker who is aware of what goes on in the world.

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