Monthly Archives: February 2016

Admiralty Law Explainded By Jordan Maxwell

In this video Jordan Maxwell explains how the citizens of the United States operate under Admiralty Law and not the Constitution.  He describes how words are used to control us and encourages us all to do research on the meanings and the origins of these words.  Please watch this video and WAKE UP!  Open you mind so you eyes can see!!! 

Quote of the Day

The very concept of placing a monetary value on education is repugnant.  In order for a society and a species as a whole to grow, education is needed.  So why make it difficult for people to receive higher levels of education?…..  Unless you wanted to manipulate different subgroups of a society and reduced their intelligence level?  Education is a tradition passed on from our elders.  When we learn something new we teach it to the young or to the ones who do not know.  We do this so the next generation will be smarter and learn from the previous generations’ mistakes.  Education is a right that you earn when you are born.  Not a privilege for those who have items of perceived value.