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Quote of the Day

“Only you truly know and understand what’s in your heart. Only you truly understand your intent. Sometimes unrelated situations and circumstances influence hesitation and/or coerce a modified execution of whatever you want to do. Sometimes popular consensus has to be taken as just that–a popular consensus. Popular consensus doesn’t necessarily equate to morally and ethically right. So, if being misunderstood, being exiled (figuratively), being ridiculed, or feeling scrutinized is a by-product of your intuition and intention….then so be it…and always remember to feel blessed! Never lose sight of the fact that no matter where you are in your life…you were prepared for it in your past. A boxer doesn’t get punched for the first time during their championship bout.”
☝🏿️ Luv

Poem of the Day: Ain’t Shit!

Your ex wife left the house cuz she said you ain’t shit!

She said she was unhappy and your skills as a father ain’t shit!

Your job thinks you ain’t shit!

The customers think you ain’t shit!

Can’t even get a decent duty title cuz they think you ain’t shit!

The Air Force thinks you ain’t shit!

They treat you like you ain’t shit!

A slave to the military cuz you ain’t shit!

Your house ain’t shit!

Your car ain’t shit!

The clothes you buy and wear ain’t shit!

You education ain’t shit!

Your intelligence ain’t shit!

Your health is horrible, your heart ain’t shit!

The doctors think you ain’t shit!

The government thinks you ain’t shit!

They took your money for taxes cuz you ain’t shit!

Your tv ain’t shit!

Your Xbox ain’t shit!

Your dog escapes under the fence to leave, cuz he thinks you ain’t shit!

No girl will even date you cuz you ain’t shit!

You got baby mama drama cuz you ain’t shit!

The kids prolly look at you and think you ain’t shit!

The laptop you’re typing this on ain’t shit!

Your whole entire life ain’t shit!

…….  Even a man such as myself has self doubts.  I question the actions I do, though, my actions are good in nature.  The odds seem stacked against me yet I find confidence in myself to push through the doubt.  The mental toughness I exude comes from a place that is still unknown to me.  I have the wisdom to understand and accept that these thoughts are apart of this existence.  But they will not consume me!