Poem of the Day:  Why The Hate?

Why do you hate me?  What have I done to you?  Why do you despise me?  At some point when did our love become untrue.  Was this all some well conceived ruse?  The mind games you put me through sent me into a confused emotional loop.  My world is blue, but not like the sky.  A dark depression sets in with constant tears in my eyes.  I know you hate me.  No, you don’t have to lie.  I will not even ask the question anymore.  It’s no longer a surprise.  You smear my name in an attempt to bring me to my philosophical demise.  Your pride seeks to destroy me.  But you can’t.  The goodness in my heart propels me to heights higher than that of any other man.  So find a new plan because it will take more than your words to bring me to an end. 

Published by Damien Jackson

A free thinker who is aware of what goes on in the world.

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