Poem of the Day:  Cursed Or Destined To Be With You

Now let me be honest.  This is my moment to speak the truth.  You were the love of my life but now I can’t even look at you.  I think I despise you.  I don’t really like you.  The shit you have done almost makes me loose all respect for you.  I will always forgive but never will I forget.  I learn lessons from the past so as I move forward and now I’m better equipped not to trip.  Fuck looking back there’s nothing I can do.  You can’t change the past just only accept that I was a fool.  But as I try to move on to the next one and get back my groove…..  It seems your ghost haunts me.  No one wants to be with this dude.  Rejection after rejection only to tell me I’m a great guy.  But if I’m so great then why I can’t be with a woman for at least one night.  I asked her out on a date and told her I would pay.  Yet I still got denied.  She responded back an hour before and told me she changed her mind.  Time and time again this has happened.  Did I do something wrong?  Naw, I know she felt my charm through this text.  She was impressed with my knowledge and manners.  I’m sure I passed her tests.  But they say it’s hard to date me because I have kids and an Ex.  I understand it must be hard, yes, my life is a little complex.  No I don’t know why I still receive some text from my Ex.  It’s mostly about the kids so there’s no need to stress.  And, no, I don’t know why she really left.  All she said was that her life was filled with unhappiness.  She said being with me was one of her life’s regrets.  Even with that said these women still bring up the questions.  They say she will never let you go.  I say that’s ludicrous.  She’s moved on and has a new boyfriend or boyfriends.  Enough men in her life to never think twice about me again.  So why do women still feel apprehensive about being in a relationship with this nice young gentleman.  It’s crazy how she’s cock blocking without even trying. She’s somewhere right now smiling and is happy to see me struggling.  I can’t even get a date. Yet she still shows hate.  She’s won the battles and thus she won the war.  I will forever be torn and cursed by her love.  I wonder am I destined to be with her or die alone.  Either way I’m screwed! 

Published by Damien Jackson

A free thinker who is aware of what goes on in the world.

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