Poem of the Day: Bonnie Found

It took a while but my prayers have been answered.  I’ve finally been blessed with a woman who is nothing less than spectacular.  This whole thing, I thought would have never occurred.  I’ve found my partner, my loyal best friend.  The person who helped put me back together again.  No longer am I damaged.  I now feel like a champion.  Someone who has conquered all the obstacles on my quest of finding the greatest woman for me that I could have imagined.  I swear like All 4 One or maybe more like Savage Garden that “I dreamed you into life”.  This is all without question that our paths crossed for a reason.  This is way beyond being destined.  God put us together because this is all part of a master plan.  A grand design that we may not understand.  But this journey I will ride with you until the end……  I am lucky and deserving to have you in my life. 

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