Do Not Be Fooled:  My Thoughts About Jessie Williams’ Speech 

Do not be mislead by the illusions we see on tv.  By now most have heard and have some sort of emotional response to Jessie Williams’ speech last night on the 2016 BET Awards.  Somethings I agree with like police brutality (for all cultures) and some I do not.  But what I want to talk about is the background of the person delivering the message and the stage as to which it was deliver.  

Firstly, BET is a channel dedicated to black people.  The programming and commercials are prodominately black actors.  It was started by Robert L. Johnson in 1980 and became a full time 24 hour channel in 1983.  Then in 2001 Johnson sold the company to Viacom.  The same company that owns MTV.  So basically the programming that is on MTV is copied and pasterd to BET but with all black actors and tv personalities.  It’s all about business and increasing profits, while at the same time dumbing down society.  There is no foundation in uplifting or educating anyone on black culture.  Thus the name, Black ENTERTAINMENT Network.  I personally find it ironic that a speech talking about racism was spoken on a channel that was sold by a black man to a majority owned white corporation.  For me, because of that reason, I do not watch BET.  I do not agree with the hyprocracy of the channel.  We have to stop and educate ourselves about these topics.  

I also find it hard for me to speak about racially charged issues as well.  Yes, I grew up in a prodominately black neighborhood.  But I also had friends of other ethnic backgrounds.  I have dated, was married too, and I am currently with a white woman.  I have no preference as to which ethnicity I date.  My children our mixed as well.  Based on my personal experiences growing up I can identify with issues of profiling and stereotyping.  But I will never consider myself as being a victim of racism.  I feel that is disrespectful to those who came before me, such as, my grandmothers generation.  I have never experience anything closely related to what they may have been through.  Therefore, I can not compare my self and my current world to theirs.  I speak only for me.

To bring all this back to the speech that was given last night at the 2016 BET Awards, I have to question the person who gave the speech.  I do not want to negatively discredit him but only ask, how can a person whose mother is of Sweedish descent, speak about black women.  Yes is message was encouraging and I applaud it but he did not grow up with a black woman as his mother so what is his influence.  He has every right to have an opinion and speak positively about black women or any other culture of women.  But it makes me wonder who is Jessie Willaims and what is his background.  What are his experiences with racism that has brought him to these opinions.  Maybe he experienced racism at Moses Brown School in Providence, Rhode Island.  His father is of African and Native descent.  His family were slaves so he has heard their history and he has also received formal education from Temple University.  There he majored in African Amercan studies and Filmakimg.  Can we honestly believe this man cares about the issues he is voicing or does he have another agenda? 

Do not allow the media, television, the elites, or anyone to influence you.  Question everything you hear or see and question everyone who speaks.  This includes myself.  Research everything that I have spoken of.  The plan is to divide and conquer.  They want us distracted and in conflict with each other over meaningless issues.  While the real issues continually get ignored.  It’s not black people that are slaves, WE ARE ALL SLAVES!  We are slaves to debt, society, and the elite rulers of this world.  If you want to be mad then be mad about that.  Be mad at the REAL issues. 

Published by Damien Jackson

A free thinker who is aware of what goes on in the world.

3 thoughts on “Do Not Be Fooled:  My Thoughts About Jessie Williams’ Speech 

  1. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, the BET audience is 54% white, so I’m not sure what your point is, re not watching the channel. Racism demeans us all so, by extension, we are ALL victims or racism. Personally, I consider it disrepectful to not continue the hard work and heavy lifting my ancestors did to get us to this point. How does being bi-racial discredit him. I’m proud he takes his responsibility seriously and realizes he has a platform someone like me doesn’t. He was active in the community before gaining any celebrity and is continuing after. Finally, PLEASE do not tell me you consider racism a “meaningless issue”?

    1. Though I disagree with your opinion I respect and appreciate your comment. I don’t think you understand what I was trying to say. Racism is a meaningless issue in comparison to big government, corporations, human trafficking, world hunger, poverty, and other issues that have an impact on the whole world. Though racism still does exist in this country and parts of the world, not every community has the same experiences. Also the fact that he is bi racail does not discredit him. I actually said I was not trying to discredit him but only questioning what or if he had any personal experience with racism or any form of prejudice. The issues he is talking about more often than not happen in urban, inner city areas. Which he did not grow up in. But I do not know what he experienced in his life. I feel it is disrespectful to discredit the fact that all cultures in the past fought to improve the society of this country. I also feel that we all have a platform to speak through the Internet. I believe the best way to confirm the work of the people who fought for civil rights in this country is to move forward with the message of love and unity.

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