Message of the Day

The rhetoric being spread by news channels and social media is a hateful, negative, and counter productive message.  It is socially irresponsible to spread this to the people of this country.  Spread love not hate.  Inspire people to be rational thinkers and encourage everyone to view things objectively.  Also motivate people to have empathy for everyone.  Just because you saw 2:20 seconds video of an incident that lasted 15 minutes does not give you enough information to create an unbias opinion.  Yes, these recent shootings were not necessary but what killing in the world is.  Very few I suppose. Do I think black lives matter, yes.  Do I think blue lives matter, yes.  Do I think all lives matter, yes.  But most importantly do I think that this is another plan by the elities of this world to incite hate and anger, which will create a population of people who are distracted and divided so we can focus  on each other instead of the bigger issues, HELL YES! 

In all the shootings that you see in the media, do you ever ask yourself, what does the citizen AND officer feel.  Do you have empathy for both parties?  Do you create generalizations out of individual situations?  Do you rely on the media to tell you the story or do you read articles from different sources to get a better understanding?  If you fail to view things from all preservative with love in your heart than you are apart of the problem.  If you want to change society, than change yourself first. 

Published by Damien Jackson

A free thinker who is aware of what goes on in the world.

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