To Sit Or Stand

Once again a headline has taken over the media and distracted us from other important issues.  Such as this upcoming elections with two of the most disliked candidates ever.  Anyways, recently NFL quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, Colin Kaepernick, made news when he decided to sit during the national anthem.  But in other news, he’s neither Malcom, Martin, or Ghandi.  So why do we even care.  Though many do not support his decision, it is his right as a human being to choose to sit during the playing of the song.  I personally respect that he chose to make a stand on an issue.  But I think there are other ways to make a public stance.  Now, you’re probably thinking that I am against him sitting during the national anthem, but I’m not.  And it’s not for the reason you are probably thinking of.  This has actually been on my mind since I was a young child.  I was always bothered by the fact that we stood during the national anthem as well as reciting the Pledge of Allegiance every morning during school.  It almost seems like an indoctrination attempt the government structure. Yes, I understand it’s out of respect for the country and blah blah blah.  But how does a simple physical act make me more respectful of the country.  It’s symbolic but every person has their own perspective and unique way of how they symbolize their respect.  Now in Kaepernick’s case he felt that by sitting down he was making a stance against his perceive view of “oppression” in this country.  To me that’s just laughable.  Someone give him a gold star.  But it’s his choice.  To be honest, I only stand during the national anthem because of peer pressure.  People try their hardest to make you feel as if you are an angry disrespectful person because you choose to sit.  In reality, I just don’t feel like standing still for 1-2 minutes.  Whether a person sits or stands is completely irrelevant.  In society, we look at other people for physical validation of an opinion we want them to display.  For example, just because I do not want to stand or put my hand over my heart does not mean I do not have respect for this country or for what it stands for at its purest.  It’s just not that serious.  We are mad over issues that shouldn’t even be discussed.  The fact is, there’s not one person living in this country that doesn’t have respect for this country.  If they didn’t then they wouldn’t be living here.  Don’t get caught up in someone else’s antics.  If someone next to you doesn’t sing the natonal anthem or recite the Pledge of Allegiance, it’s ok.  It doesn’t make them less or more of an American than you. There’s no need to start an uproar over simple acts that have no real substance.  We all stand because we were taught this in school and we don’t want to go against the status quo.  As a teenager, I have sat during the national anthem and I have sat during the Pledge of Allegiance.  This month marks my 10th year of active duty in the Air Force….. So now what.  Everybody just chill šŸ˜

Poem of the Day: Ā Our Time Is Not Now

It’s sad that this is happening.  I had dreams that we were meant to be, together for a long time.  I felt like I brought you into my reality, it felt like you were made for me.  But we ain’t “we”.  And yes, this does hurt.  But time is what she needs and at her age in life then I must concur.  Let her live.  Let her strengthen herself, spiritually and mentally.  Then maybe one day we can revisit these emotions that brought us together.  You never know if this is over forever.  Only time will tell if we get back together.  Even if not I will always remember the pleasure she brought to me.  The happiness I felt, the appreciation I have, the laughs we shared were great.  But it’s all in the past.  Our lives right now are on two different paths.  I’m standing at the door of “30” ready to open it.  While your life is just beginning.  I can’t expect you to handle all of this.  I get it and I’ll miss the time we spent together.  This is not the end.  We will continue to be friends.  But our time is not now………..

The Pentagon Can’t Account For $6.5 TrillionĀ 

Below is an article from Mint Press News explaining the current money issue in the Pentagon.  A report released last week revealed that the Pentagon can not account for $6.5 trillion.  If you ever wondered where your tax dollars go, well apparently, nowhere!!! It’s just lost!!

Quote of the Day

I’m the type of person, where if everyone goes left, then I’m going to stop and think for 6 hours straight.  Then I’ll go right, up, down, left, or diagonal.  I’ll explore all options and every possible choice……  

In other words, I follow no one!