The Lie We Live

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Poem of the Day: Dear Depression

Dear Depression,

You are my best friend. You’ve been down since day one and you’ll be loyal until the end.  I first became cool with you back in grade 10.  I got cut from the team and the shit just didn’t make sense.  I lost interest in everyone.  I just wanted to be left alone.  I don’t remember ever leaving the house once I got home from school.  Life just sucked and things weren’t so good.  But you were by my side and always down to ride.  My relationship with you has survived the times.  You wiped the tears from my eyes when I found out she lied.  The pain ripped me apart inside.  No lie, I just wanted to die.  I checked myself into that hospital to escape the world, I was trying to hide.  Especially from you, but you stayed true.  I was down in the dumps and I couldn’t pull myself through.  Feeling blue I’ve always attached myself to you.  You’re the first person I see when life gets too hard for me.  I’ve tried to be free but our toxic relationship always gets ahold of me.  You are my everything and yet you mean nothing.  You’ve always been jealous of Happiness, forever mortal enemies.  Every time he comes around you always put on a frown.  His presence annoys you but I enjoy the energy he brings.  He makes me smile while all you do is make me weep.   I love you more than I will like to admit.  I’m so used to you being around that you’re my best and longest relationship.  No one else has been as loyal as you.  So cheers to our past, present, and future.  Always stay blue!

Poem of the Day:  Life Of An Introvert 

I want to hangout with my friends but I can’t.  I want to be at home alone playing my video games, man.  I got plans to lay around on my couch, binge watching Netflix series and living carefree with no doubts.  I have a hard time going out.  Socializing at a bar just seems like that’s something I’m not about.  Most of the time my head will be up in the clouds as I ponder my existence, if aliens are real, and what I plan to do once I get back to my house.  I’m weird I know.  I don’t feel like I fit in.  I’m wondering half the time am I even consider a human being.  It might sound silly but the thoughts I have put me in a class by myself separate from all the billions of people living.  Don’t even get me started on my lack of relationships.  Dating is a concept that I just seem to struggle with.  Always juggle the idea of dating or staying single.  Like yea a woman would be nice but then she’ll prolly talk to damn much.  A lot of nothing stuff coming out of her mouth meanwhile I’ll want to talk about government conspiracies.  Let’s be honest, who the hell wants to hear someone go on about how the food and water supply is poisoned.  Thus single is the zone and the place I call home.  Being an introvert might seem tough or rough but my life is awesome, cuz honestly, I just don’t give a fuck 😂😂