Quote of the Day

Never apologize for your feelings. Always be true to yourself and honest to those you care about. Life is simple. Don’t make it complicated.


Poem of the Day:  Random Late Night Thoughts…..  Part 4? 

Life sometimes can put you into a corner.  And no I’m not speaking metaphors, I’ve literally had my back up against the wall.  Contemplating life and wondering should I end it all.  The story of the underdog is always fighting the odds, they stay stacked up against him.  People always doubting and pretending to be friends.  They smile in your face and behind the look in their eyes their smiles are filled with hate.  Because to see you succeed means they life isn’t as great as it seems.  They despise every choice you make and pray for your downfall, they love to see you make mistakes.  This is human nature, people can really suck.  So ignore the fake and embrace the real…… 

Quote of the Day 

True wisdom and knowledge comes from raising your level of awareness.  It can not be attain from the increase of your physical age during your current life.  Open your mind and expand your consciousness and then you will being to attain the wisdom you seek. The world around you does not change, only your perception of it.