Poem of the Day:  Work Rage (I Hate Customers)

I swear at any moment I could snap, if one of these wack ass customers ask me another dumbass question.  They testing my patience and I’m wondering how much of it even still exists.  The bullshit that I have to listen to is baffling.  My ears are still ringing from the sound of his voice, it was so damn annoying.  Corny people coming in night after night this is all part of my job so I should just shut up and work, right?  Fuck that and fuck them.  Fuck her and fuck him.  I hate cooking and I hate customer service positions.  People always griping and bitching about what they didn’t get.  Telling me about their personal problems, like bitch we are not friends.  I’m not hear to listen to you vent about how your job sucks, I got my own issues to deal with.  Just tell me what you want and we both can go about our business.  The longer you talk the more you hold up the line.  These other people are hungry too.  We don’t have the time to stand and chit chat about this and that.  And yea, I think your cute but I’m not about to flirt back with you cause I’m stuck here at work and I got shit to do.  Plus someone already occupies a space in my heart, I’m taken.  So I must refuse your advances.  I’m ignoring the subliminal signals you keep sending in my direction.  I don’t come to your job and ask you a shit load of questions.  So show some respect for me and leave me alone while I make your fucking breakfast.  I only make eye contact when I’m taking your request or handing you your food because I don’t want you to get confuse.  And think that we are about to be two dudes just chilling.  Naw, it ain’t happening.  Say your order, shut the fuck up, take your food, and the get the fuck out of my face.  And lord help you if you dare ask me for some shit that’s not on the menu.  You got life fucked up, that’s not something I’m about to do.  I don’t care if the last fool hooked you up and did it.  I’m not the one.  How many times do I have to say it?  This is my constant frustration and the daily emotions I go through everyday at work.  Surprise, surprise I have yet to go berserk.  But just wait and see……..

Published by Damien Jackson

A free thinker who is aware of what goes on in the world.

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