Fuck Hurricane Irma (Mainstream Media Hysteria) 

The other day I got a call from my ex wife.  She asks me if I will get the kids this Sunday.  Then she brings up the fact that the hurricane will be here Sunday as well.  I reply back with a nonchalant tone, “Who cares about the hurricane.”.  She then tells me that I need to take it more seriously.  We both grew up in Florida and are well used to hurricanes.  Most of the states population were raised in Florida too so no one should be to nervous of a hurricane.  There should be no reason that people are going out of their fucking minds emptying the shelves at grocery stores for bottle water.  I personally place blame and responsibility on the media.  For all the fear mongering that they are doing.  Any responsible adult who lives in Florida should be prepared for hurricanes once the season starts.  Also if you are buying groceries regularly why would you not have non perishable food items on hand. 

Not only are the shelves empty but gas is gone too.  Like who the fuck needs all that gas.  Some people are not even leaving the state yet they feel like they need to fill up their vehicles.  And I don’t see many who are actually filling up gas canisters either.  Thanks a lot, cause now there’s no gas for me to commute back and forth to work.  Roads out of the state are already backed up, people are panicking, and everyone forgot how to use their brain.  

Why even buy bottle water when you can fill up your own jugs of water at home right now.  There are plenty of alternatives to bottle water.  In fact why do we live in a world that will sell bottle water to human beings in a time of crisis.  No bussines should be allowed to make a few extra dollars of the survival of others.  I hope this hurricane comes and goes with little damage but leaves a lesson in its mist.  Don’t trust the media to tell you what to do.  Rely on your own critical thinking skills and help out each other.  Be safe Florida.  Me, I’m not going anywhere.  I was raised in Florida and I’ll die in Florida.  Fuck a hurricane 😂 

Published by Damien Jackson

A free thinker who is aware of what goes on in the world.

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