Thought of the Day

If there is life after death, does death even exist?….. For that matter, what is life?


Poem of the Day: Love Gone (Love Of My Life)

What happened to us? What happened to you? Things seemed so right, you were the love of my life. Then shit went wrong and now I can’t even stand the sight of you. I’m wondering was I the fool to even fall in love with you. I thought it was going to be us against the world, just us two! I loved you more than I could ever admit to. I thought we would be together forever. That’s what marriage is suppose to be. But it didn’t work out, no reason to place blame or bother with apologies. The past is the past, it’s just that, history. We both moved on but it still seems like a sad love song or story. So much love held and now it’s gone……

Poem of the Day: Goodbye Nice Guy

It’s absurd, I’ll prolly never get what I deserve. I’m scouring the surface of the Earth in search of the perfect girl. Many missteps and mishaps, I fell in love only to fall flat on my ass. What was I thinking? I didn’t do the math. So it shouldn’t have shocked me when she did me like that. I wish I had a map to help me find the right path to a successful relationship. I’m so tired of this crap. Dating sucks, fuck! I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m moving along walking slowly in a cloud of confusion. Wondering if the next move will be the right move. Or am I just being used as someone’s else’s tool to give their own ego a boost. I was there for all of you like I had nothing to loose. Put my heart on the line. I hung out to dry outside, then watched as the wind came and blew it into the sky. Now these females seem surprised when I’m no longer that nice guy. The asshole has taken over and now it’s his time…..