Lost and Confused: Single Parent Dating at 30

This is an honest assessment of myself as I navigate the dating world at 30…..

I am so damn lost and confused!  I’m not sure if I know what I’m doing at all.  And I’m almost certain that everyone else has no fucking clue as well.  You see when I meet someone new a million different thoughts goes through my head.  I often comtemplate what are the best words to say.  How do I say or texted them?  Am I speaking too much about myself or am I not asking enough questions?  Shit, am I asking too many questions?  It may be simple for some but for a person life myself, who over thinks and analyzes every situation, the journey of dating is a wild, unpredictable, and unsuccessful adventure.

I’ve come to learn that I am who I am.  As stubborn as that sounds, but I will live and die with the person I see in the mirror.  By that I mean I will not play the “game” when it comes to approaching a woman.  I have no ulterior motives, such as, me speaking to a women in order to attain sex or sexual pleasures.  When I find a woman that I am attracted to and I feel the vibe is right I will engage in conversation in order to become more familiar with her.  I want to know who she is on the inside.  You see I struggle with small talk.  To be honest, most of the time I would rather not speak to people.  But when I do speak I like to have meaningful conversations.  Unless, I am talking about sports, video games, or rap lyrics lol.  I am not a smooth talker.  When I speak it’s honest and genuine.  I do that because that is what I will like in return.  But having this approach can be too much for some.  Or I am just pouring it on too much in the beginning.  Either way it’s safe to say that when it comes to dating I have a hard time with the first step, and that’s the opening introduction.  So you can imagine I don’t get far with most women.

Now to add on to my unusual approach to women I also have two kids and an ex wife.  Either of which are a complete turn off for some.  A woman will either be ok with me having children but not like the fact that I still have contact with my ex wife or they will not like the fact that I have kids….  Are you confused yet?

To say it’s hard out here for me to date is an understatement lol.  Sometimes I wish I could just go on one of those dating shows and have women compete over me.  Then again, those don’t seem to work out for people either.  I will keep pushing forward and keep my spirits up high.  I’m still very optimistic about my dating future.  I am also realistic as to my chances of finding someone at this age and stage of my life.  Currently my bar is set low.  I just want someone I can take out to dinner, watch a movie, and go on trips together.  Like is that too much to ask for in this world?

I will keep you all posted about this subject.  Hell maybe next time I write about this I’ll have good news.  I mean, you never know what may happen right?


Published by Damien Jackson

A free thinker who is aware of what goes on in the world.

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