Poem of the Day: No Reply

At 7:29 I sent you a text, I sat back and waited for your reply. To my surprise a whole week went by with no word. You left me hanging like clothes on a line left out to dry. Technological communication is at an all time high. Within an instant you can connect, just simply by typing “hi”. Yet, I still have not heard from you. Ghosted is the term for this type of behavior but I say it’s just rude not to return the favor. When someone speaks you speak back. What happened to that? A generation lost, their manners replaced by assholes. Sometimes I just wish we could bring the old ways back. I guess I thought wrong. What we had didn’t mean shit to you or maybe it wasn’t really true. You came up with an excuse to use as a ruse, trying to play me like a fool. But your fear is what you see and that’s the truth. You let it ruin a good thing, it conquered you.


Thought of the Day

When an artist, rapper, singer, or some other type of entertainer expresses their inner emotions we applaud them. We praise them for their courage to speak about their private feelings. But when the average person does it they are looked at as weak or simply trying to seek attention. Think about that….

Poem of the Day: Troubled Thoughts

I’m lonely inside. Up late at night with thoughts of suicide feeling hopelessness sitting next to me by my side. Depression is one of the best friends of mine. And I’m not afraid to speak of death because there’s no where you can hide. My thoughts run rapid like the flow of water from a broken dam. I apologize to all my family and friends but you must understand this is just the way that I am. No sympathy needed for me. As I speak the stress is release and I begin to feel free. No noose will ever be tied around my neck. I live for my kids so I’ll never die with regret.

To My Unknown Love

This is it, I solely exist to be your love interest in this movie. Our tale is a script written by the Universe itself. We were hand picked to live and love for all of eternity. The desire that burns in our eyes for each other is undeniable. The flame blazes high into the sky beyond the stratosphere into the vastness of space. Until it disappears and is no longer in sight. My pride I swallow, I bow down to my queen and cherish every moment of my life with her. Like a fiend aching for a fix, I need you in my life always. Now imagine if I actually had a girlfriend. This is they type of love she would receive. So I write this to express my emotions for the woman who has not yet come for me. To my unknown love, wherever you may be, I will find you one day. My love is everything… ❤️❤️❤️