Quote of the Day

Never response to the question: “What are you?” That question has no significance. The real question is: “Who are you?”


The First Time You meet

There’s nothing like the first time you meet someone new. That moment when you strike up a conversation and you begin to pick each other’s brains. Like talking to someone new that you are attracted to. The nervousness and anxiety of asking the right questions and trying your hardest not to be that awkward ass person you know you are lol. The thrill of really getting to know someone by asking those real questions. The questions that make a person think hard about their response. Not because they are being careful with their words but because they are not used to someone asking them a serious question. They are not used to having a real meaningful conversation. It’s in those moments that you know something different, unique, and special is happening. In that moment you know a new and real connection is being made. So when you meet that new friend or love interest skip the bullshit questions and ask the real ones. Really get to know someone.

Poem of the Day: No Reply

At 7:29 I sent you a text, I sat back and waited for your reply. To my surprise a whole week went by with no word. You left me hanging like clothes on a line left out to dry. Technological communication is at an all time high. Within an instant you can connect, just simply by typing “hi”. Yet, I still have not heard from you. Ghosted is the term for this type of behavior but I say it’s just rude not to return the favor. When someone speaks you speak back. What happened to that? A generation lost, their manners replaced by assholes. Sometimes I just wish we could bring the old ways back. I guess I thought wrong. What we had didn’t mean shit to you or maybe it wasn’t really true. You came up with an excuse to use as a ruse, trying to play me like a fool. But your fear is what you see and that’s the truth. You let it ruin a good thing, it conquered you.

Thought of the Day

When an artist, rapper, singer, or some other type of entertainer expresses their inner emotions we applaud them. We praise them for their courage to speak about their private feelings. But when the average person does it they are looked at as weak or simply trying to seek attention. Think about that….