Memphis Jury Sees Conspiracy in Martin Luther King’s Killing – The New York Times

Memphis jury in civil suit brought by Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr’s family finds Lloyd Jowers and others, including governmental agencies, took part in conspiracy in King’s 1968 killing; decision means jury does not believe James Earl Ray, convicted of crime, fired fatal shot; jury awards $100 in damages, amount family sought; Dexter KingContinue reading “Memphis Jury Sees Conspiracy in Martin Luther King’s Killing – The New York Times”

Poems of the Day: False Reality

I’m stuck, fuck this shit. I’m trying to escape The Matrix but I’m trapped in the Pit of Misery… Dilly dilly! I’m trying to get free from this mental prison. Slavery is still in existence. They got you working 9-5 just to survive but your energy only increases the profits and resources of people whoContinue reading “Poems of the Day: False Reality”

Thought of the Day: Las Vegas Mass Shooting

By now we all know what happened in Las Vegas on a Sunday night of October 1st 2017. We are hearing reports that a 64 year old male rang shots out from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Hotel. During this shooting witnesses of the incident were recording from their phones the event. In manyContinue reading “Thought of the Day: Las Vegas Mass Shooting”