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Welcome To The Puppet Show:  US Elections 

By now we all know that Donald Trunp will be the 45th President of the United States.  And by now we all know that he is not winning the popular vote but he did receive more electoral college votes.  Thank God your vote counts lol. 

If you haven’t noticed yet but presidents and officials are selected. Whether you really believe that voting matters, you still have to acknowledge that time and time again something doesn’t feel right about these elections. Whether it’s local or national, you can’t seem to shake the feeling that something bigger is going on behind the scene. It always feels like someone else is pulling the strings. Most of the scholars in this country and around the world know that our nation is run by a small group of individuals. The people with the “true” power who operate outside of the public view. The politicians you see on tv or either bought and paid for, have the potential to be bought, or have been shutout from making any difference. Even former Congressman Ron Paul stated that you can’t do any real change inside government as apart of the system. The only thing you can do is expose it. Him and other former politicians share the same opinion as well. The rulers of this country have worked to hard and have to much at stake to allow someone to interfere with their profits and progress. 

On another note,(in recent memory) look at the candidates that they allow us to choose from. They are never the smartest, most skilled, or innovative. They have no real talents or display any leadership qualities or experience. Very few have done any real community or civil service. Basically they’re all narcissistic, egomaniacs with fancy degrees and financial backing. How come the president has never been a scientist, a engineer, or a doctor? How come the brightest have never been pushed to the front and asked to lead the nation? If it truely is a civic duty that a person is doing then why does the presidential nominee always have to be someone from the upper socioeconomic class? How come the middle aged mother/father of four, who works 50+ hours a week at a job that is below his educational level, never runs for president. That person doesn’t become mayor of a big city or governor of California. At best they might strive to be a congressman of a small district who opinion doesn’t get the attention of the 100 or so other congressmans. 

These are the questions we really should be asking ourselves. Why do we keep looking for a new leader? Why do we even need a leader? Does this government system actually work? How come we have never explored other ideas?…… Maybe it’s because it’s all a show! The puppet masters behind the scenes control the media, which inturn sways public opinion and the outcome. Think about last night, no public official or designated person told us who won the presidency, the senate, or any other election. No, the media declares who won. And who controls the media? The corporations who are run by the same individuals who control everything else. Whether it’s the Rothschilds, Illuminati, Rockerfellers, European monarchs, Council of Foreign Realtions, the IMR, Committe of 300, Freemasons, or any other name you have ever heard of, someone has their hands on the strings and we continue to watch the show.

Don’t get caught up by your emotions!!!! Always use your logic, reasoning, and critical thinking skills. Never forget that you are a free thinker! 

So What Are You Really Mad About?

Again another shooting of an unarmed person has been caught on video and is now going viral on social media and the Internet.  Terence Crutcher was seen on video being shot by police after his hands were raised, in what appears to be a gesture letting officers know that he was unarmed and posed no threat.  Now since Mr. Crutcher is now dead he can not speak for himself as to what happened in the case.  We only have the video and the officers testimony.  The details of the case will come out as the investigation continues.  We are all aware of police shootings and everyone has their own opinion about them.  Whether the person is blue, black, purple, yellow, white, or any other color in the visible light spectrum American citizens are still being on the receiving end of an officer’s gun.  Every case is its own and should not be in comparison with any other.  Some have been wrong and some have been justified.  In the end a life is forever gone from this existence…….  But on the other hand there does not seem to be much outrage from the American public as a whole.  No matter how you describe yourself we are all still human beings and people are loosing their lives.  It’s beyond amazing to see the outrage over a quarterback and other athletes sitting down during the national anthem.  Hell, they are better than most, at least they have a legitimate reason for it.  But to see people call Collin Kaepernick different names and for him to receive death threats only points to the misguided anger in the country.  Everyone has the right to speak their opinion of him and his choice for how he chooses to protest.  And that’s ok.  But to see more outrage over that situation and no outrage over police shootings or the Pentagon loosing $6.5 trillion will forever blow my mind.  So I ask the American people,  “What are you really mad about?