The Pentagon Can’t Account For $6.5 Trillion 

Below is an article from Mint Press News explaining the current money issue in the Pentagon.  A report released last week revealed that the Pentagon can not account for $6.5 trillion.  If you ever wondered where your tax dollars go, well apparently, nowhere!!! It’s just lost!!

What Is Defined As An Issue?

How do we define the events of police shooting, police deaths, and terrorist attacks as a major issue?  We see them on the news and social media which shoves it in our face.  But are they really a huge reoccurring issue or simply isolated incidents?  Anything that comes on the news and happens in aContinue reading “What Is Defined As An Issue?”

Fact of the Day

Out of 320 million people in the United States approximately  1,146 people were shot and killed by police last year.  This statistic can be found on The Guardian website. To look at things from a different perspective, 142 police officers died in the line of duty last year.  Approximately 42 were killed from aContinue reading “Fact of the Day”

Food For Thought:  Homicide Rate Is Down

According to the FBI data, homicide in the US is at its lowest rate since 1963.  A mass shooting is defined as a shooting that involves 3 or more deaths.  If this I the case then why is the media trying to portray an idea that mass shootings are an epidemic right now in thisContinue reading “Food For Thought:  Homicide Rate Is Down”