Poem of the Day: Holiday Dinner

Hey, How y’all doing. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas, now that’s out of the way, where the food and shit? I came here for one reason. Once I finish eating then I’m leaving. Yea, we are cool and yea, I care about you. But today is the day that I get free food. Home cooked meals with desserts at the end. I’ve been waiting all year long so please don’t ruin this with your boring conversations and interrogations about my personal life. Yes, I’m still single and no I’m not dating. Yes, the kids are fine. Oh my they’ve grown so much since the last time you lay eyes on them. I’m not talking about my ex wife but yes, she does have another new guy. In fact, I have to go, I’m suppose to see her family tonight. Thanks for food and I really loved the sweet potato pie. I have to get going but I’ll see y’all another time.

On to the next house for round 2. The food is pretty much the same but I can’t complain. I won’t need to cook or eat out for the next week. This time around I think I’m going to need a drink in order to deal with this side of the family. Damn all the stores are closed, where can I go to get some alcohol. The gas station is open but there’s nothing in here strong except this tall as can of Four Locos. How they sell this shit, I’ll never know because it tastes so disgusting but will get you fucked up quick tho. Of course I bought it, I was under time constraints. I needed to be tipsy by the time I walked through their door…… I finally arrive and surprise, surprise, a barrage of questions coming from my ex wife. “Where have you been all day?”, she asks. And so I replied, “Mine your god damn business, in fact, where is your boyfriend at? Go talk to that guy.”. Then my daughter, her offspring asks the same thing. I told the little girl that I don’t answer to kids. She’s just like her mother, always being nosy and shit. I just came by to tell everyone “hi”. Now let me eat this food and go on with my life. I love you all and until the next time, happy holidays and have a good night.

On to the next house for round 3………

Poem of the Day: National Pride?

What’s the point of having pride over imaginary lines? Why do people fight and die over the thing that provides inner species divide? From black to white and left to right, we are told to pick a side, even though it’s a waste of time. The Earth is our home, the land is where we choose to roam. We share it with other beings so why do we try to make it our own. Fuck your flag and fuck my flag. Colorful cloth is not a representation of who we are. It’s a material made of fabricate and given significance by those in which we hold to high importance. No man or woman shall reign surprise over another. Yet we will kill our own brother if given orders by our government. There is no enemy only other human beings with a different perspective and who live in a different location on the other side of the planet. This place is massive, enough room for everyone to mind their own business. Authority figures creating monsters so we can see an opponent to justify the orders of slaughter all so a corporation can gather more resources. You can have this shit. You can have all of it. I don’t need your lies and false sentiments. I love everyone and I exist for my own purpose. No more working, hurting, or dying for you……

Poem of the Day:  The Perfect Match

I don’t believe in God but I think you are a gift. Your presence is evidence that he exists because I swear that you are heaven sent. I asked the universe to send me the perfect person and then you appear so this can’t be a coincidence. We got way too much in common, it’s obvious that we belong together. A strong bond we formed in moments is solid and I pray that it will never be broken. When you laugh, I laugh. And you when cry, I’m sad. I feel what you feel, all the good and the bad. They say opposites attract but I don’t know believe in that. But whatever this is, I love this shit. We are the perfect match!

Random Poetry (1) 

A novice in words with an intent to learn. With every poem I type the fire begins to burn more bright. In love with the rhyme, my emotions fuel the fire. Inspired by real life events but details will always remain a secret. You thought you knew what I meant and yet you still don’t get it. I have the spirit of a warrior and wisdom of a philosopher. Strong enough to never give up but wise enough to know when I am done. I’ve won every battle, defeated every enemy. My opponent doesn’t even know we are at war. I’m 10 steps ahead of everyone. I was born to see victory. 


Poem of the Day:  Display Of Affection (Words Are Not Enough)

I love you. I’m not afraid to tell you but too afraid to show you. So my affections I never display, it’s all confidential. Incredible how fear can make you hide and deny the inevitable. Everyone knows and can see the look in my eyes. They read the poems I type. Hard exterior but a sensitive guy inside. A walking lie, I get emotional during tv shows, I cry. More than words is what you deserve and what you need from me. No matter how many times I speak I need to put into action so you can see, when I say that I love you, it’s real. Honesty is one of the best qualities of me. Please have faith and always believe in me. My word is bound……

Poem of the Day:  I’ll Chase After You

I’ll chase you around the world because I love you. Across the rivers, mountains, and deep blue oceans too. Fuck a thousand miles, I’ll walk a billion to get to you. Nothing in this life can keep me away from you. It’s true. This is more than words, this is more than just emotions. This is step one of my grand plan to have you back in my arms forever as your “man”. Because can’t no other man can love you like I can. I don’t know if you’re playing hard to get or if you’re toying with my emotions on purpose. Either way it’s working, and I’m running after you like an insane person. My friends think it’s not worth it but I beg to differ. Life’s a bitch so sometimes you have to hit her and fight back.

Poem of the Day:  Undivided Attention 

I put my life on pause once I get a text or call from you. You are my all, my world revolves around you. Every second and minute my thoughts are dedicated to you. My undivided attention is precious but I give it all to you. A life where your name is not mention is something I find hard to comprehend. I plan to spend the rest of my existence basking in your beauty and wonderful presence. May the essence of my spirit be with you forever even after life stops existing. May we find each other on the other side of that light at the end of the tunnel. My love for you is eternal.