Poem of the Day: Troubled Thoughts

I’m lonely inside. Up late at night with thoughts of suicide feeling hopelessness sitting next to me by my side. Depression is one of the best friends of mine. And I’m not afraid to speak of death because there’s no where you can hide. My thoughts run rapid like the flow of water from a broken dam. I apologize to all my family and friends but you must understand this is just the way that I am. No sympathy needed for me. As I speak the stress is release and I begin to feel free. No noose will ever be tied around my neck. I live for my kids so I’ll never die with regret.


To My Unknown Love

This is it, I solely exist to be your love interest in this movie. Our tale is a script written by the Universe itself. We were hand picked to live and love for all of eternity. The desire that burns in our eyes for each other is undeniable. The flame blazes high into the sky beyond the stratosphere into the vastness of space. Until it disappears and is no longer in sight. My pride I swallow, I bow down to my queen and cherish every moment of my life with her. Like a fiend aching for a fix, I need you in my life always. Now imagine if I actually had a girlfriend. This is they type of love she would receive. So I write this to express my emotions for the woman who has not yet come for me. To my unknown love, wherever you may be, I will find you one day. My love is everything… ❤️❤️❤️

Poem of the Day: Her Heartbreak 💔💔

Her hearts broken, she’s so confused. Trying to figure out her next move but she doesn’t know what to do. The dude she loved is gone, no longer is he around. Sadness is a permanent cloud that hangs over her head now. Raining down, her tears fall to the ground. She ponders if she will ever wear anything again that isn’t a frown. A blow to the chest the pressure makes it hard to breathe. The news caught her off guard, she had her suspicions but she’s in disbelief that this is happening. The ending of a relationship with the man she once thought she would call husband. Over a small but important decision that altered the lives of two human beings.

Through the struggle and depression a diamond surfaced or like a butterfly coming out of its cocoon to see the sunlight, she arose a new person. She holds her head up hide. Never let a guy or woman hold your happiness hostage. You are the ruler of you own existence. Be proud of the person you are because I’m proud to call you my friend. May you never let anyone ever bring you down again.

Poem of the Day: State of Mental Health

They’ll never understand where you are trying to come from with your thoughts. The process is not complicated but unknown to some. The mind of a so called genius is filled with so many ideas and unable to convey their message, they label you crazy and lazy for never getting out of bed. The depressive state you’re constantly in can be too much for some to comprehend. But yet you understand and that’s all that matters. Be true and honest to your self and know your own wealth. Always pay attention to your physical and mental health. You’re not a psycho. You’re not emotional. I too am wrong for always throwing around these misconceptions and labels. We must be better to one another and try harder to conscious of the mind, a place that is still yet mysterious.

Poem of the Day: Words…..

Never been woke because I was never asleep. I’ve been consciously aware since my own beginning. My whole sole purpose in this reality is to open their third eyes so the blind can see. In this land the one who possesses the knowledge reigns as King. But to have all us be aware is the true meaning of equality. Strip away the ego, let go of the greed. Be respectful and humble, then we all will see prosperity.

Poem of the Day: Love I Desire

It’s love I desire. I aspire to find someone you will love me unconditionally for all of eternity. The love I seek is the love you see that happens on tv and lives in Disney movies. In search for my Bonnie, I’m looking for a queen. A woman who will stand by me with more or equal strength. I once believe that my dream was a reality but then time passed by and I realized that stage of my life was only a hurdle on the road of my journey. As I can continue to drive down my path that I have chosen to take, I pray for the day I find her on my way. My life is good without her but with her it could possibly be great. Don’t make the mistake that I need her to supply me with happiness. But if I had one wish I would wish for a woman who loves me beyond our final kiss.

Poem of the Day: On The Brink Of Depression

I’m on the brink, it’s bad, I’m finally about to snap back into depression. I’m on the verge of relapse. It’s sad, I don’t know why they had to do me like that. It’s facts! The system doesn’t care about my black ass. I crashed. At one moment I was up so high, head up in the sky, chilling on cloud nine. Now I find it hard to even put on a smile. Inside I cry, and on the outside I lie. Walking around pretending that everything is alright. You might read this and be a little surprised. But don’t be, just know that I’ll admit to more than I show. I vent to those who know the feeling. I have a network of supporters and we all help each other fight through the never ending internal struggle. As we all hold our breath praying to keep our head above water. In order to survive the pain that resides you have to dig deep and find the person within that hides and bring the strength out. Because none of us want to die. Never let sadness eat you up inside. Rise!! And for those who do not yet know the feeling, trust me, in due time you too will experience the feeling. But know if I can push through and make it than you to can continue on grinding and living.