When A Man Wants A Woman

When a man truly wants a woman he will discover something inside himself that he never knew existed, PATIENCE. When a man wants a woman and his emotions are real he will wait for her. He will be there for her when she needs him. But he will also stand up for himself and demand that he be treated with respect and appreciation. A man knows when he wants a woman because his behavior towards that woman will be true and genuine. He will show her his vulnerable side that he himself did not know it existed. Most importantly when a man wants a woman he will plant his feet firm in the ground and never falter, no matter how hard she tries to push him away. A woman once broke up with me and became angry with me that I did not fight for her. For years I thought what she said was one of the dumbest things I had ever heard. But until I found the woman I finally wanted, I understood what she was saying. She was right and I appreciate her for teaching me that lesson. I appreciate all the woman throughout my life that I have cared for, who taught me lessons. Those lessons helped mold me into the man I am today. May my growth continue. ❤️❤️

My Own Fear

For me, the biggest fear I have is a “broken heart”. I don’t fear death or anything else. But the thought of having my heart broken again causes me great anxiety. The unnecessary thoughts that run through my mind hinder me from finding something true and amazing. Which is why I rarely pursue a meaningful relationship. The second it goes south, I’m out. And on to the next…. But this is something I am becoming painfully conscious of and I am working on it. Because I realize that if something can cause me that much anxiety then it must be that great. Anything that isn’t worth pursuing isn’t worth the effort. To find out if it is worth pursuing you must suffer a test, a set back or a rough patch. If you care you’ll push through and if you don’t then it’s not for you. When I find that one I’ll know because I’ll push through even after the rough patch.

Be Grateful For What You Can Do

As I went for a run outside today I realized that exercising makes me sad now. In the past I was always in great shape and capable of doing amazing things physically. But now as my medical issues have depleted my physical abilities, I am no longer able to be in the same physical shape and it makes me sad. I am sad because my pride is hurt. I still find the same enjoyment in exercising but since I can’t achieve the same physical feats my ego has taken a hit. Today I am learning that I need to find happiness in the fact that I can still exercise. I need to learn to be grateful and appreciative of the physical things I am still able to do. And not focus on the negative. I’m trying to be more positive which is something I am not prone to do. But I’m trying….