Moment of the Day

That moment when your daughter tells you that there’s a meeting at school and her teacher told them to tell their parents that if they are not working then they need to be there…..

I told her to tell her teacher to KISS MY ASS. I’ll go if I want to go. He don’t know wtf I got going on in my life. Lol then she says, “Dad, I can’t go to school and say that.” 🤣🤣🤣

Got to love being a parent lol

Thought of the Day: Las Vegas Mass Shooting

By now we all know what happened in Las Vegas on a Sunday night of October 1st 2017. We are hearing reports that a 64 year old male rang shots out from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Hotel. During this shooting witnesses of the incident were recording from their phones the event. In many videos you can hear what appears to be a sound of an automatic weapon. Mr Paddock was able to get shots out of the hotel room for approximately 10 minutes. Once police identify where the shots were coming they entered the room. Upon entry by the police Mr. Paddock died from a self inflicted gunshot wound. Also in the room 10 long range rifles were found as well. I have yet to read or hear any stories of a gunfight, which makes you wonder why even have a stock pile of weapons if you were planning on killing your self and not using them. 🤔

So far that is the story that most media outlets are pushing. But never forget that what they are saying is exactly what it is, a STORY. 

The media wants you to believe that a 64 year old man with no political ties or radical affiliations, no real motive, decided to leave his seeming quiet peaceful retirement life behind by committing a mass shooting. As of now there is no message or any evidence of reason personally left behind to explain his actions. He just decided to kill and injured hundreds of people for no apparent reason. Even in someone’s most insane moments that still does not make sense. A person with no military background or gun enthusiast training somehow attained automatic weapons and had knowledge of their operation capabilities. Then that person decided not to live stream or make a video recording prior to the incident to take responsibility for it. Why even bother doing such a crime that will infamously go down in history and not make sure you are given credit for it?

There are so many holes and questions to this story that it is down right insulting to think people would believe this shit. It’s as if they are not even trying to be creative anymore. They are basically saying that they can tell any story and we the American people will believe it.

You are telling me that within less than 12 hours we know who the shooter is and some of the victims are already identified. The death toll and injury count was quickly confirmed within less than an hour. Where are the media outlets even getting this information from? Who was actually shot and killed by the gunman? We’re all the injuries caused by the shootings are by the chaos of people trampling over others as they feared for their lives? Why were there several reports of witness describing multiple gunmen? So many questions yet another mass shooting and we hear the same narrative, a lone gunman assailant with mental issues…. BULLSHIT!

Let’s be honest with ourselves. If any one of us decided to do a mass shooting that will go down in history as the most horrific, we are going to put some thought and planning into it. We are going to make sure that no one else tells our story. We are going to make sure that we get the credit for it. And we are going to make sure it’s a good and accurate attack. Without a doubt you would not just grab an automatic weapon and spray out from a window 32 floors up. The accuracy alone would not help you confirm your kills. Also why not use a bomb or some explosive device to ensure your casualty rate? There’s far more efficient ways to comment this act than what typically takes place. 

Look at the overall picture, in the past decade there have been mass shootings and attacks in major cities, small market cities, quiet towns, sporting events, movies, social night life clubs, concerts, schools, and so on. The usual response amongst people who don’t believe the official narrative is that these acts are carried out in order to push a political agenda. I believe this is right but to an extent. I believe that the one true overal goal of these attacks is to keep the world in a constant state of fear. An emotion almost equally as powerful as love is fear. When people are scare they no longer use the rational side of their brain. Instead fear takes over and people will do anything to feel like they are “safe” again. Fear is the greatest tool to use by someone or a group of individuals in power. But I’ll leave that topic for another blog post…….

Once again another mass shooting and another suspect killed. No trial, no jury. Dead men tell no tales…..

Never forget that the news is 95% negative, 3% sports and entertainment, 1% positive, and 1% informative. No matter what always question everything!

Poem of the Day:  Never Forget Me

I hope that you never forget me. I pray that I forever be etched into your memory for all of eternity. May the essence of my soul follow you throughout your existence. And when you’re with him, I hope you think of me. For every shortfall he has you realize that he can never compare and you will never replace me. This shit that I feel is so beneath me.  I feel so damn petty but emotions right now are taking over me. Sadness, jealousy, and anger helps write this poetry. Please never let go of me. Hold on to all of the memories. Play them on repeat like your favorite song from the 90’s. I want you to eat, drink, and sleep thinking about me. I want you to regret your decision, wishing you could rewind time, go back and take what was wrong and make it right. But you can’t do that so live with the pain and agnony. Let the sorrow burry deep into your subconsciousness until the pain manifest and you feel it in your chest. That’s what heartbreak feels like at its best. I can never forget you, trust me I’m trying to though, but my heart and soul refuses to let you go. I find other distractions, little attempts to push any thought of you into the back of my head. I don’t want you to forget me because I can’t forget you. There lies the truth, now the real question is: What The fuck am I gonna do about it?………….

Poem Of The Day:  I Hate That I Miss You (Moving On)

I miss you!  I mean of course I do.  I think about all the time we spent, the late night conversations. I gave a piece of my heart to you. So why would I be a fool to deny the truth that I can’t go a minute without thinking about you. I hate this feeling but it’s only natural to miss the person that you cared for who is no longer there for you. Every single second was special. I treasure every moment but I need to let go and move on. This morning I woke up singing the song that reminds me of you. I look around and I realize everything reminds me of you.  I still see your beautiful smile.  Your pretty eyes and facial expressions are forever etched into my memory for all of eternity. I yearn to be in your presence while at the same time I wish to never see you again in my life. Contradicting emotions causing so much commotion in my mind and my soul. It’s so hard to let you go. Call me a love sick puppy, I feel like a dummy, for even thinking that we could of actually had something.  Forever optimistic, always the hopeless romantic. The dreamer who dreamt you into existence. Now I just wish that you never existed so I wouldn’t feel the way I feel at this moment. 

Fuck Hurricane Irma (Mainstream Media Hysteria) 

The other day I got a call from my ex wife.  She asks me if I will get the kids this Sunday.  Then she brings up the fact that the hurricane will be here Sunday as well.  I reply back with a nonchalant tone, “Who cares about the hurricane.”.  She then tells me that I need to take it more seriously.  We both grew up in Florida and are well used to hurricanes.  Most of the states population were raised in Florida too so no one should be to nervous of a hurricane.  There should be no reason that people are going out of their fucking minds emptying the shelves at grocery stores for bottle water.  I personally place blame and responsibility on the media.  For all the fear mongering that they are doing.  Any responsible adult who lives in Florida should be prepared for hurricanes once the season starts.  Also if you are buying groceries regularly why would you not have non perishable food items on hand. 

Not only are the shelves empty but gas is gone too.  Like who the fuck needs all that gas.  Some people are not even leaving the state yet they feel like they need to fill up their vehicles.  And I don’t see many who are actually filling up gas canisters either.  Thanks a lot, cause now there’s no gas for me to commute back and forth to work.  Roads out of the state are already backed up, people are panicking, and everyone forgot how to use their brain.  

Why even buy bottle water when you can fill up your own jugs of water at home right now.  There are plenty of alternatives to bottle water.  In fact why do we live in a world that will sell bottle water to human beings in a time of crisis.  No bussines should be allowed to make a few extra dollars of the survival of others.  I hope this hurricane comes and goes with little damage but leaves a lesson in its mist.  Don’t trust the media to tell you what to do.  Rely on your own critical thinking skills and help out each other.  Be safe Florida.  Me, I’m not going anywhere.  I was raised in Florida and I’ll die in Florida.  Fuck a hurricane 😂