Too Many Damn Holidays! 

Every year I seemed to notice a new holiday.  I swear most of these holidays never existed until someone made a commerical or some department store used the holiday as a reason to have a shopping sale. This year one of the random holidays that stood out to me was Flag Day. I am sorry,Continue reading “Too Many Damn Holidays! “

Google Presents…. Project Soli

I am not a big fan of huge corporations that earn billions of dollars off of the average person. But this piece of tech displays the power of our minds and imagination. Hopefully it will not be used as a way to gain profits and or control the population.

The Egocentric Perspective

Sometimes you have to understand that people are not capable of seeing things from a different perspective. No matter how much they feel they are viewing things in an objective manner, their thoughts, opinions, and emotions still generate from a self centered point of view. It is not to say that they are selfish peopleContinue reading “The Egocentric Perspective”