A Month About Black History?

A few years back a friend and I were having a conversation about Black History Month. We both had our own thoughts about it but never really shared them to other people or each other until that conversation. But are sentiments were the same….

Why do we celebrate Black History Month? Why do we take one month out of a twelve month calendar period to acknowledge and celebrate the history and culture of a certain group of people. I understand the value and meaning behind it but I also find it laughable to think that one month can suffice. There is too much history and knowledge about African Americans that need to be shared on a regular basis. The same goes for every race, ethnicity, and culture that makes up this land.

I remember in school the only time we were taught anything about African American History was in the month of February (also the shortest month of he year). After that nothing else. So no I don’t care about Black History Month. I care about the history of the different people that live and have lived in this land being celebrated and discussed everyday. Maybe this makes sense to you as well…. Or maybe it doesn’t. Either way it’s just my thoughts lol. Happy Black History Month 😁


Quote of the Day

Each day I awake, I try to increase my mental state and elevate my level of consciousness. But it’s hard to do when you’re surround by so much nonsense. A lot of stupid dumb shit and idiotic distractions design to blind our third eye and subdue the masses.

Poems of the Day: False Reality

I’m stuck, fuck this shit. I’m trying to escape The Matrix but I’m trapped in the Pit of Misery… Dilly dilly! I’m trying to get free from this mental prison. Slavery is still in existence. They got you working 9-5 just to survive but your energy only increases the profits and resources of people who don’t even care if you die. The president doesn’t give a fuck about, the government doesn’t even pretend to know you. Money isn’t real it’s another tool used to control you. Yet here we are trying to buy the latest automobiles, cell phones, and clothes. Forever being distracted by what is actually real. The gift you have been given is to have a conscientious experience. To feel love and enjoy all the emotions that comes with living in this third dimension. So don’t waste it……..


Quote of the Day

We are all playing a game called Life. The goal is to live….. That’s it. How you choose to live is all up to you. I choose to not waste my life working. I choose to love my family and friends. I choose to spend time with the people I care about. I choose to enjoy my life…… What do you choose?

Poem of the Day: Sign Your Life Away

I signed that contract and now it’s time to take my life back. In fact, let’s do the math, I gave you more than that. I gave you all the time that I should have spent with my kids. And to no one’s surprise, you don’t even give a shit. You fucked up my pay and destroyed the place where I stayed. After you had already sent me far away. You tell the world that I’m a hero but you and I know the truth. I’m just a kid that you use and abuse. I’m so sick and tired of all your rules. The confusing games you play when you pretend to care about me. But I’m just a name on a page that can easily be replaced. No memory or recollection will ever be made. Once I’m gone, I’m gone, until the day I hit the grave and you place that flag over my casket. And have those bastards play your music, then with a salute you send me away for good.