Matrix Online Story Explained [Canon Lore Between Revolutions & The Matrix…

This helps explain some of the questions that have arises after watching the new Matrix trailer. The Matrix universe and lore is deep and massive. There’s more than just action scenes and cool cinematography.

Are Mask Mandates in Violation of Federal Law? – AIER

I submit that any type of face covering that is being used by the general public and is mandated as a part of a public health directive qualifies as a medical device. Since the primary purpose, as stated, of a mask mandate is to prevent transmission of an infectious disease, that is a clear attempt at disease mitigation. As such, these devices have to be approved and regulated by the FDA,
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Mandates are not laws. Governments can not mandate or order anyone to wear a mask if there are no government approved medical standards. Honestly, no government should try to tell its’ citizens what to do in a “free society”. The science and the data speaks for itself as well when it comes to wearing a mask vs no wearing a mask.