Underdog Podcast: Ep. 88 – Stimulus Checks, Gun Laws, and Trump Acquitted Again


From Riches to Rags: NBA 2K Documentary


This video offered some great insight in this video game franchise that I did not know about. I always played NAB Live which is even less of a good game than this one. Even if you don’t like video games it is a good watch because it highlight the business practices of this multi billion dollar companies and the often shady methods they use to exploit their own customer base for a profit.

Ep. 87 – Valentine’s Day Origins, Possible Newsome Recall, and Cuomo Covid 19 Coverup


A look into the pagan origins of Valentine’s Day and how it differs from today’s corporate celebratory holiday.  California Governor Newsome faces possible recall due to the number of signatures collected on a petition.  Also New York Governor Cuomo appears to be involved in a Covid-19 coverup where the data from nursing homes were inaccurately reported.