America: Freedom To Fascism

The hostile takeover of America is now being known to the mass public but its been going on for decades. An the IRS and income tax is part of the problem!

Shadow Gate

Millie Weaver’s documentary about how people within our government have and are using psychological warfare techniques on American citizens through social media and other technological platforms….. So basically a combination of the Mk Ultra program and Operation Mocking Bird. Do your own research and then ask yourself, how many times can a coincidence happen before you realize that it wasn’t an accident? 🤔

Moment of the Day

Never forget that in the late 1980’s the American government funded rebels (Contra) in other countries, to over throw their government, with profits from crack cocaine sells in the United States. The black and improvised communities in South Central LA were exploited to fuel an administrations political agenda. Drug dealing is only against the law if we the people do it…..