Quote of the Day

The theme for 2019 is cutting people out of your life. If anyone in your life brings you stress, negativity, or any bad emotions then cut them out of your life. No matter who they are they are not worth your own mental health and well being. If they have a problem with that then that only solidifies your choice even more.

Poem of the Day: State of Mental Health

They’ll never understand where you are trying to come from with your thoughts. The process is not complicated but unknown to some. The mind of a so called genius is filled with so many ideas and unable to convey their message, they label you crazy and lazy for never getting out of bed. The depressive state you’re constantly in can be too much for some to comprehend. But yet you understand and that’s all that matters. Be true and honest to your self and know your own wealth. Always pay attention to your physical and mental health. You’re not a psycho. You’re not emotional. I too am wrong for always throwing around these misconceptions and labels. We must be better to one another and try harder to conscious of the mind, a place that is still yet mysterious.