Quote of the Day

If I told you I worked for a top Fortune 500 company and I made an annual $100k salary, you would think I have a great life. But the reality is that I work 70-80 hour weeks, rarely take vacation, and I have little interaction with my family…… If I told you I run a small accounting business that has a net profit of $50k annually, you wouldn’t think much of it. But with my small business I dictate my hours, I control my resources, and I control my life….. Don’t work to make money. Work to enjoy an interest or a passion and work to provide yourself with a lifestyle that enables you to actually LIVE YOUR FUCKING LIFE!

The Pentagon Can’t Account For $6.5 Trillion 

Below is an article from Mint Press News explaining the current money issue in the Pentagon.  A report released last week revealed that the Pentagon can not account for $6.5 trillion.  If you ever wondered where your tax dollars go, well apparently, nowhere!!! It’s just lost!!