Journey to Enlightenment

My whole life I have always ponder religion, politics, social issues, and race. So much influence around us at times makes it hard to figure out who or what to believe. The things your family and friends say to the information you hear on the news, all comes from different perspectives. This is my journey………Continue reading “Journey to Enlightenment”

Police Shootings In the U.S. And How It Is Not A Race Issue

To begin, as I have stated before in a previous blog, race is a social construct.  Some people might be offended by this, to those people, I wish you attain the ability to look at things objectively.  I hope that you can allow yourself to use a rational mind to tackle difficult issues in yourContinue reading “Police Shootings In the U.S. And How It Is Not A Race Issue”

Quote of the Day

Race does not exist.  In biology there is nothing in our genetics that defines us by a specific race.  “Race is a social construct.”.  If we as human beings want to rid this world of prejudice, stereotypes, and profiling then we must first understand where it all comes from.  It is a creation by theContinue reading “Quote of the Day”