Is Drake Just A Scam Artist? Ever since his first I’ve been a critic of Drake and his music. Obviously as a person I can’t attest to his character. But his music and his public actions can be criticized just like any and everyone who do things in a public manner, to include myself. Besides executives within the music industryContinue reading “Is Drake Just A Scam Artist?”

Eminem – Public Enemy #1 Crazy coincidence that this song was on the Re-Up Album which came out after Encore and his single Mosh. Also a crazy coincidence that when this album release in December 2006 his friend prof died earlier that year in April. I remember being at my first Air Force bade in Guam and buying thisContinue reading “Eminem – Public Enemy #1”

Eminem – My Darling w/Lyrics Listen and read the lyrics to this song. This song was perfect of the bonus tracks that came out with the re-release of his album Relapse. It was eerie to listen to then but even more eerie now listening to it and knowing about the “evils” of the entertainment industry.