Quote of the Day

For the longest I used to think I wanted a woman who has an “attitude”. I thought that type of personality was attractive because it was a sign of their strength. That their attitude showed how fierce they were…. But in reality a woman with an upfront attitude is just a woman with an attitude. Her true strength is displayed through how she carries and conducts herself. It’s displayed through how she controls her emotions. It is displayed through her actions and life choices. In fact, this goes for both men and women. There is no difference.

Stay Strong

For all the women who are struggling inside, battling a war most do not see, just know you are strong. God created you and blessed you with the ability to create another being. You were given the ability to endure the pain and overcome. You are all in my prayers. ❤️

This Past Year….  (From The Heart)

A moment of truth and clarity….  This past year has really sucked lol.  After reuniting with my ex wife and having my family back together she left me, stating that she was unhappy as her reason.  (No bad words will be spoken about her or the situation) Due to other circumstances and reasons the kids live with her.  I live in another city and work in a different city which leaves me with very little time with them.  Now to top it all off I deal with medical issues that could be possibly life threatening.  All of that within less than a 12 month period.  It goes to show the mental toughness I display day in and day out.  It shines light on a person’s experiences in life.  Allow me to be a story of personal triumph through bad times.  Yea, life sucks ass right now.  And most likely it will be a long process before it begins to get better too.  But for anyone who reads this, let my story be a tale of inspiration.  A tale that you can take a tremendous amount of losses in life and continue to push forward.  You may not be able to control much but what you can control is your attitude and your ability to have inner peace.  My life took a 180 degree turn this year again.  Am I happy?  Eh…..  Some days are better than others.  Am I sad?  Of course, at times I am but that’s what makes me human.  Do I have hope?  Yes!!!  As long as I’m living, it’s a must for survival.  Do I need your sympathy?  Naw, you can keep that shit to yourself………  Thank you for letting me share my story with you.  I wrote this to let others know that they are not the only ones having a rough time in life.  It’s ok to admit that life sucks.  Accept it, own it, and change it.
My mottos:

– Never Give Up

– Only The Strong Survive 

– Live Free 

Poem of the Day: Emotional Emdurance

The stresses and pressure of life apply pressure to my chest but I manage the strife.  Never do I miss a beat.  I can’t be defeated by anything, I’m not weak.  I’m not always at my peak but I believe the strength I posses can withstand against everything.  When I get knock down I do more than just get back up.  I stand up, tough and tall.  Then look up to the clouds, take off in flight and as I soar over the clouds I’m yelling “fuck them all”.  Always battling theodds, so I’m forever the underdog!