Battling My Self Conscious Thoughts

You may have something you’re insecure or self conscious about. I’m self conscious about feeling like I’m ‘weird’. I think this was something that was deeply rooted from childhood experiences and has recently resurfaced these passed few months. When we think about how others may perceive us we are really only projecting our inner thoughts. You have to always be conscious of your most inner thoughts and control them. Otherwise those inner thoughts will manifest in the physical world. The past few months as I my consciousnesses expands, I started to ask myself, ‘Am I weird, strange, or crazy?’ No this is not about the current medical issue around the world or any outside influences. It is all about me. As I started to think more about the questions and answers of the universe and myself, I found myself thinking and speaking about things that I once thought was weird but interesting. I began to feel as if I was weird or strange. But not in comparison to anyone other than myself. So I had to dig deep and ask myself why I feel that way. From childhood experiences and past relationships, there has always been a part of me that felt ‘weird’. At times I embraced and accepted it. But in actuality I was only accepting a false statement that I created and then projecting it outwards. I now know that I have never been weird, strange, or crazy. I have been and will always just be who I am, which is ME!

Thought of the Day

As like many of you I have been contemplating on who to vote for president of the United States in this upcoming election. Part of me is considering voting for Trump due to the fact that I don’t like what Joe Biden is standing for in his politics. But another part of me is thinking I should just say ‘fuck it’ and vote for Kanye West 🤷🏾‍♂️😂…. But at my core I know that all these politicians are liars and can’t be trusted. This whole process doesn’t seem like it truly benefits the regular everyday person. Even if you think Trump or Biden will help out the common person, behind the scenes all the choices they make foremost benefit big banks and corporations. Maybe we just need a new system of economics and law instead or remixing ones from the past.

Quote of the Day

From birth, every aspect of your life has been manipulated by outside forces. So much to the point that by the time you are older you have to revert back to your younger age when your mind was more open. As we get older we have to deprogram ourselves from the influence are friends, family, and society has on us. I have respect for everyone’s opinion whether I agree with it or not as long as it is a thought that originated from their own logical, rational mind.

Thought of the Day

When an artist, rapper, singer, or some other type of entertainer expresses their inner emotions we applaud them. We praise them for their courage to speak about their private feelings. But when the average person does it they are looked at as weak or simply trying to seek attention. Think about that….

Random Thought

I think people forget that the education system in America is based on an European centric ideology. So slavery was super fucked up but the real truth is that there’s prolly more fucked up shit to the story that we don’t know about. That’s the truth I’m seeking. The real shit that’s so bad history is trying to hide. The victors write history and they elected to leave slavery and all the horrors in it. But what other atrocities are they hiding by telling us that story.