From Riches to Rags: NBA 2K Documentary This video offered some great insight in this video game franchise that I did not know about. I always played NAB Live which is even less of a good game than this one. Even if you don’t like video games it is a good watch because it highlight the business practices of this multiContinue reading “From Riches to Rags: NBA 2K Documentary”

The Fall of EA Sports For all those gamers out there, this documentary touches your heart and for some of us older people it touches our childhood too. Last year I didn’t buy Madden because I had enough of the lack of improvement in the game. As I type this now I’m downloading the game trial that is includedContinue reading “The Fall of EA Sports”

Evolution of Gaming Consoles I thought I would share something that’s a huge hobby of mine, gaming! I love playing video games. My kids play as well. We often play together or the two of them play with each other and their friends. Video games, along with basketball and some other activities, have always been there to helpContinue reading “Evolution of Gaming Consoles”