Quote of the Day

Truth is the only thing these women want from me is some attention. Fictitious words they say, addicted to the compliments. If I were to die today, watch how easily I would be replaced.

Quote of the Day

For the longest I used to think I wanted a woman who has an “attitude”. I thought that type of personality was attractive because it was a sign of their strength. That their attitude showed how fierce they were…. But in reality a woman with an upfront attitude is just a woman with an attitude. Her true strength is displayed through how she carries and conducts herself. It’s displayed through how she controls her emotions. It is displayed through her actions and life choices. In fact, this goes for both men and women. There is no difference.

Stay Strong

For all the women who are struggling inside, battling a war most do not see, just know you are strong. God created you and blessed you with the ability to create another being. You were given the ability to endure the pain and overcome. You are all in my prayers. ❤️

Poem of the Day:  A Message To My Exes

Shout out to all my exes and any female I ever messed with.  This is for all those women who did me wrong and disrespected me.  I grew strong through every situation.  I laughed in the face of rejection and battled through the Great Depression to come out on top.  A better man than what you remember.  I took so many chances, followed my heart and had different romances.  None of that shit turned out to be long standing but I’ll keep playing the love game until I find The One.  The past is the past.  I leave that shit behind my ass, as I walk the path of the present on the road to the future.  Contraditicing as I say this cause it sounds like I’m holding grudges but I’m just saying thank you to those you provided me with life lessons.  I cherish every moment and grateful for all my blessings, appreciate all the minutes and seconds I spent with them. 

A Message To The Women With Broken Hearts (Damaged Goods)

Yes, you can be single and independent.  But companionship and love are our most basic needs as human beings.  Do not let your fear hold you back from attaining happiness in your life.  If you say you want a good man then accept him.  When a good man presents himself do not push him off to the side.  The Law of Attraction states that we attract what we want.  If you put out positive energy into the world you will begin to attract positive things.  So the next time you find yourself dealing with the thought that there are no good men in this world, think about the men you passed up and never gave a chance.  MEN, the same goes for you.  I too, should take my own advice!  Real shit!!

The Equality Of Attraction

When you see a woman you are attracted to out in public whether it be at a bar, club, or grocery store, it is the man’s responsibility to speak to the woman.  Why is that?  Do women feel it is just a traditional matter or has society manipulated them into thinking its unlady like to approach a man.  My frustration with this issue stems from my own personal encounters.  I don’t think I’m a very attractive guy but I feel I am decent at least lol.  But while I’m out at a bar or club and when I notice a woman is attracted to me, she doesn’t just come up and speak.  No, instead she comes across the room and stands next to me like a spy trying to gain information.  One woman decided to “accidentally” bump into me even though there is plenty of space around us.  Another tried to dance in front of me like a child dying for attention(but it did work).  Now I understand they are attempting to get my attention and these women are attractive but what is even more attractive to me is a woman’s personality.  If you want me then say something.  I rather us have a conversation then dance with u while I grind on your ass and your face is turned……  Though that might be the position I will want you to be in the future. Hahahaha!  Oh the contradiction!