Poem of the Day:  Work Rage (I Hate Customers)

I swear at any moment I could snap, if one of these wack ass customers ask me another dumbass question.  They testing my patience and I’m wondering how much of it even still exists.  The bullshit that I have to listen to is baffling.  My ears are still ringing from the sound of his voice,Continue reading “Poem of the Day:  Work Rage (I Hate Customers)”

Poem of the Day:  Let Me Vent

They probably will use this as evidence when they sit me down in the office and tell me I shouldn’t have wrote this.  But this is my outlet and my way to vent all the frustration I have inside.  This is my right.  The freedom of speech is allowing me to tell the Man inContinue reading “Poem of the Day:  Let Me Vent”